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20 Years of history

how we started and what's happened since

September 1996

In 1996 Atlanta entrepreneurs Steve White and Steve Bacastow formed Collective Dynamics, L.L.C. The firm offered Business and Information Technology Strategy to clients primarily in the financial services industry. Both men brought over 20 years of related experience and existing client relationships with numerous financial services accounts.

August 1997

Collective Dynamics, L.L.C. was retained by a national credit information services provider to facilitate an e-commerce strategic planning working meeting among key business unit heads to meet in Atlanta this week.

April 1998

Collective Dynamics, L.L.C. was retained by a major southeastern check printing company to manage its Year 2000 project office (PMO). The project is considered key to the future of the company. Collective Dynamics, L.L.C. was selected from among several competing firms based on prior successful projects and knowledge of the industry.

September 1999

Collective Dynamics, L.L.C. was retained by a major regional bank to evaluate its online banking offerings. This client currently utilizes solutions from several providers as a result of recent mergers. Collective Dynamics, L.L.C. assisted the bank in planning for online banking.

October 2000

Collective Dynamics, L.L.C. was retained by a major bank software provider to develop a strategy to increase revenue 60% over three years. The strategy involved new pricing, new products, and developing new core competencies to support the projected growth. The plan was designed to accomplish the objectives while maintaining 50% profit margin with minimal risk and included developing a financial modeling tool for refining and future planning.

January 2001

Collective Dynamics, L.L.C. is retained by a major US credit card acquirer processor to assist in the due diligence and migration of a merchant portfolio of a large Canadian bank. The focus is primarily on all the non-transaction oriented processing support systems used to service the portfolio including call tracking, customer service, inventory management and MIS reporting, but also incorporates decisions relating to processing financial transactions.

June 2002

Collective Dynamics, L.L.C. is retained by a major financial software company to lead the conversion of their largest customer's final processing center onto the client's software platform. It was the client's largest project to date, and was completed on time and under budget.

March 2003

Collective Dynamics, L.L.C. is retained by a major regional bank to evaluate the internal controls surrounding ACH processing. Collective Dynamics senior staff designed a suite of internal controls to improve data integrity and reduce risks.


Retained by a major eCommerce payment processor to evaluate all aspects of their IT infrastructure and payment processing applications.


Retained by SK C&C, Korea to conduct a US market assessment for mobile payment and loyalty technology. Educated the market with respect to SK C&C products and capabilities.


Awarded patent "Method and System for Securing Payment Transaction".


Launched GoMobilePayment website to demonstrate mobile authenticated payment process.


Additional patents issued for biometric authentication and Omni-commerce use cases.





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